British Shorthair Personality

british shorthair personality

British Shorthair cats are an absolute joy to own. These affectionate pets are ideal companions for families with children and other pets due to their easy going nature, but they can adapt to a wide range of environments.

The British Shorthair breed is much calmer than other cats. You will see your British Shorthair play and run for a few minutes, but these cats are calm and laidback most of the time. It’s a cat that will surprise you with its intelligence, loyalty, and affection.

Common FAQs

Learn more about the pleasant and easygoing personality of the British Shorthair with the following FAQs.

Are British Shorthair cats friendly?

Yes! They’re one of the friendliest cat breeds. They are calm and you might think that they’re aloof or reserved at first. However, British Shorthair cats are content to hang out with their favorite people and animals.

They have a social and easygoing nature, which is great for homes with children, other pets, or frequent visitors. These cats are loyal and loving with their owners, and they tend to develop strong bonds with everyone in the family.

Because of their calm nature, British Shorthair cats tend to sit back and observe people and other animals. Give your pet all the time and space they need to familiarize themselves with new people or animals. They will eventually start feeling safe and relaxed and will interact with new people or animals.

Are British Shorthair cats lazy?

British Shorthair cats are less active than other breeds. A British Shorthair can seem lazy if you compare them to high-energy breeds like Abyssinian cats or Bengal cats.

British Shorthairs aren’t really lazy. They simply have lower activity requirements compared to other breeds. They typically play for short bursts of 10 to 15 minutes before going back to lounging. They’re the perfect companion if you want a pet who will relax with you on the couch but be ready to give your British Shorthair plenty of love and attention.

While they have low requirements for physical activity, British Shorthair cats are intelligent animals who will thrive in an environment with different forms of intellectual stimulation. Cat puzzles are a great way to introduce something new to their environment.

Why do British Shorthair cats hate being picked up?

British Shorthairs typically dislike it when people pick them up because cuddling isn’t how they express affection. Besides, it’s a medium to large breed and it’s difficult to properly support these cats when you pick them up.

While there are exceptions, most British Shorthairs would rather keep their personal space and freedom of movement. They will sit next to you or climb on your lap on their own terms.

If you pick up a British Shorthair, they will tolerate it since this breed is very patient and easygoing, but keep in mind that your cat won’t enjoy it.

Children often pick up these large and soft cats, but it’s best to have your children push your British Shorthair around in a doll stroller instead. It’s an activity that your pet will tolerate better than being picked up, and your child will still get to bond with your cat.

Do British Shorthair cats cuddle?

Most British Shorthairs get uncomfortable when you cuddle them. These cats tolerate it when you pet them, and some individuals even enjoy it. However, they don’t like being held, and they would rather sit next to you to show affection. 

You might find some cats who enjoy cuddling with their owner but keep in mind that most British Shorthairs will show their affection without cuddling.

Do British Shorthair cats meow a lot?

Your British Shorthair will meow, purr, and make other noises to communicate with you and get your attention. However, they tend to be quieter than other breeds.

Being vocal is a personality trait that can vary a lot from one cat to another, depending on how you respond to meowing and how much attention your pet wants. Being around other cats is something that can cause your British Shorthair to become more vocal as they pick up behaviours from other animals.

What is a British Shorthair cats temperament?

British Shorthair cats have a relaxed and easygoing temperature. They carry themselves with dignity, they’re very intelligent, and you’ll find that they’re patient and tolerant. Overall, these cats have a great personality and can easily adapt to any lifestyle.

A kitten British Shorthair will have more energy and be more playful, but they will become calmer as they get older.

Are British Shorthair cats easy to train?

Yes, British Shorthair cats are easy to train because they’re intelligent and form close bonds with their owner. Training tends to be easy because these cats rarely destroy things out of boredom and usually don’t develop any unwanted behaviors.

The key to training your British Shorthair is to learn your pet’s limits and preferences to make sure that training is a positive experience. Litter box training should be easy as long as you place the litter box in a quiet spot.

Do British Shorthair cats like to climb?

The answer is no. These cats have a calm temperature and tend to spend most of their time with their paws on the ground. Besides, they can be clumsy due to their large size. You won’t find your British Shorthair climbing your appliances or jumping on your kitchen counter.

Can British Shorthair cats be left alone?

Yes. Again, these cats can adapt to different situations. If you’re away most of the day, your British Shorthair will probably find a comfortable spot and curl up for a nap while they wait for your return.

If you leave your cat alone most of the day, make sure to give them plenty of attention when you get home. Remember that British Shorthair cats form strong bonds with their people and enjoy spending time with you even if they don’t cuddle.

Are British Shorthair cats lap cats?

It depends on the individual. While British Shorthair cats don’t like cuddling or being picked up, some will happily sit on your lap.

It’s a behavior that can vary from one individual to another, and the bond you form with your cat can also influence whether they will want to sit on your lap or not. For instance, a cat that you adopt as a kitten and socialize to cuddle and sit in your lap will probably feel a lot more comfortable with these displays of affection as they get older.

How do you train British Shorthair cats?

It’s important to be consistent when training your British Shorthair cat. These cats are smart animals, which means they will understand what you expect quickly. You need to be consistent to avoid confusing them.

British Shorthairs are calm and will stay focused during training. They’re easygoing and won’t break the rules you establish because they’re bored or want some attention.

Training is an excellent opportunity to bond with your British Shorthair. Make sure to offer plenty of praises and treats to turn training sessions into a positive experience.

Do British Shorthair cats scratch furniture?

Scratching is a natural behavior that you’ll notice in any cat breed. Cats scratch furniture to mark their territory and to get rid of the dead cells that accumulate on their claws. You can reduce this behavior by declawing your pet or using positive reinforcement to discourage the behavior.

If your British Shorthair cat picks up this bad habit, get them a scratching post. They’ll be able to scratch this material safely without damaging anything in your home, and these smart cats will quickly understand that they can’t scratch anything that isn’t their scratching post.

How do British Shorthair cats show affection?

British Shorthair cats might seem aloof at first. These animals typically don’t like cuddling and might be content to sit around with you even if you don’t pay attention to them constantly.

However, British Shorthairs are very affectionate toward their owners. They can express affection by simply sitting next to you and napping or relaxing while you watch TV.

Even though British Shorthair cats aren’t very vocal, you will hear your pet purr and make other noises when they feel safe or content. It’s a way of expressing affection when they’re hanging out with you. Many British Shorthair owners also see their pet greet them by meowing when they come home.

Mirroring is another way your British Shorthair can show affection. Once your cat bonds with you, they will mirror your behaviors, and even some of your personality traits!  

British Shorthair cats often express their affection by slowly blinking. It’s something cats do to acknowledge your presence and shows they trust you by closing their eyes in your presence.


British Shorthairs are a popular cat breed because of their laidback and easygoing personality. These cats might seem lazy and aloof at first, but they’re actually calm animals who are very loyal and affectionate with their owner. 

Give your British Shorthair plenty of space and let them come to you on their own terms. They will feel safe and show you affection through their body language and by simply sitting around with you.